I work at the nexus of Art, Science and Technology. I studied physics, invented and
   got patents (the path of my father), built cameras like my grandfather, painted as
   my grandmothers did before me. In 1990 I wrote "we are evolving into beings
   synergistically linked to our information machines, together possessing the five
   dimensional perspective of the prophets*". I am still trying to understand the nature
   of time and higher dimensions through my work. I have learned much from Sonia
   Sheridan and other exceptional people I have worked with. I also have learned much
   from my children who showed me that when viewed in the right slant of sunlight, a
   day can stretch almost to eternity.

   Leonardo, StoneRing


   I began producing stereo drawings when I was 10 years old (bored in school).
   At RIT (BFA, Fine and Applied Arts, highest honors, 1976) I tried, unsucessfully,
   to make lenticular lenses to incorporate into some of my paintings. At Cranbrook
   Academy of Art I began making stereo paintings from xerographs that I produced
   with a #4 camera and old Model D flatplate equipment in my studio. These were
   viewed through mirrored viewers. While at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
   (MFA, Generative Systems, 1980) I created many 3-D imaging and viewing technologies
   and I continued this pursuit after graduation. In 1980 Grayson Marshall and I
   invented and subsequently patented a blackline 3-D imaging technology. Grayson
   moved to Los Angeles while I formed a corporation with Barry Kesselman in 1983. I
   continued to invent and got more patents in the field. I taught at the School of the
   Art Institute of Chicago and took a number of jobs in industry while pursuing my
   passion for Art and 3-D imaging.